Bruno points out that Carnacho good because attitude-adjusting boot camp.

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Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes reveals behind the scenes that. The attacker Alejandro Carnacho has a greater role in the team lately. Because of contacting the Army Club Thevet. To request an attitude adjustment Even adjusting the concept and standing on the path of professional footballers along the coast.

Carnacho scored the winning goal in the Europa League group stage win over Real Sociedad 1-0 yesterday. But Bruno said the youngster lacked professional attitude. UFABET  Because if it had been carried from the beginning. It would have been inserted into the team’s team manager Erik Ten Hag early .  

“ That pillow is of good quality. But he also knows that the team has quite high expectations of Mr.  

“ The younger brother is still young and firm. Last night he played well but at the beginning of the season it wasn’t quite right – like on the pre – season tour, the attitude wasn’t as good as it could have been . 

“ That’s why I didn’t get a chance until now. ” 

“ Now he has a chance because he has trained better. Go out on the field with a different attitude and you deserve it. ”

“ Everyone was happy to go along and was pleased with the goal that Carnacho scored . ” 

Carnacho’s miracle has led the Argentine media to encourage head coach Lionel Scaloni to be in the 26 -man squad for the 2022 FIFA World Cup as a backup to Lionel Messi. teeth