Federico Chiesa has been through a difficult season for himself and the club.

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Juventus forward Federico Chiesa admits. He’s had a tough season both in their own corner and the angle of the club that faces penalties.

Federico Chiesa has been out injured for several months. and return to the field. That must be postponed. But the 25-year-old winger was back in good form toward the end of the season. Unfortunately, Juventus faced a 10-point deduction UFABET 

“We should be in the Champions League area. They took away our points. which affects our focus But our league performance in terms of score we achieved the target. But the penalty forced us to play in other competitions.

“It was very difficult for me, I came back after 10 months, it wasn’t easy.”

“Now let me think about the national team first. Then come back here And do a good job Chiesa who scored the winning goal in the Serie A game. The final match of the season saw Juventus beat Udinese 1-0 on Sunday, he said.

Juventus finished seventh in Serie A and secured a place in the Europa Conference League play-offs. But without deducting 10 points they would qualify for Champions League next time.

Juventus forward Federico Chiesa suffered a serious injury during the Serie A match against Roma at the Stadio. Olympique Go before the Bianconeri army invaded to win 4-3. Where Chiesa was injured in the 30th minute before the doctor diagnosed A torn left knee ligament, or ACL, required surgery to heal the injury.