Ferran Torres hopes to continue his work with Barca.

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Ferran Torres played as a reserve before scoring 2 goals leading Spain to a 6-0 win over Cyprus. The 23-year-old forward hopes to continue building on his performance with his Barcelona.

Ferran Torres, a 23-year-old forward hopes to continue his performance with Barcelona. ​​His parent club, after scoring 2 goals as a substitute in Spain’s 6-0 win over Cyprus. Qualifying round of Euro 2024 from the reveal ‘Teledeporte’ UFABET

‘If there’s one thing I’m doing. It’s about making the most of your time to get more confidence from your trainer. I think I’m on the right track.’ Ferran said. ‘At the end of the day, I had to work at the club to receive the award from the national team. In this case, it was because a teammate was injured. But whenever I come here I will give my all to the best of my ability.’

The 23-year-old forward also emphasized that the most important thing for him is victory for the team. saying: ‘The most important thing is winning. The national team won both games. And now it’s time to return to my club and continue working.’

Ferran also spoke about Xavi Hernandez’s upcoming contract extension with Barcelona. ​​Saying: ‘Xavi deserves a contract extension. Because he did a great job, Xavi made big changes to the team. We have a very competitive team.’

The 23-year-old attacker also praised fellow forward Lamine Yamal, saying: ‘We can expect a lot from him. He is a different player. He is a player who will give us a lot.’

Before Ferran spoke about his own situation. ‘I am working hard on the field. Showing what I can do Shows that I can be important for Barca’