Laporta reveals Gerard Pique farewell ceremony.

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Barcelona president Joan Laporta will hold a farewell ceremony for Gerard Pique. After the 35-year-old announced he would play his last game against Almeria on Saturday.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta spoke to Barca TV about Gerard Pique’s surprise retirement announcement on Thursday. that the Azulgra team should honorably hold a farewell ceremony for the 35-year-old defender on Saturday UFABET

‘Pique is part of the Barca badge. He has achieved everything with the club.’

‘He’s always been an icon for the Gule people. He has more than shown what he wants from Barca. The 25-year-old he has been linked with the club. It’s a great honor to have him as a Barca player.’

According to the report, Pique will forgo the remainder of his wages. Which are more than €50m due over the next two seasons. from the point of view of the Barça president

‘Gerard Pique understands the situation with our fair play rules, wages need to be adjusted. He knows that and he is absolutely delighted to help the club.’

‘The deal is about to be finalized. But there is a good attitude of the players to help.’

Laporta also added that there will be a tribute to Pique on Saturday. But the president of Azul Grana has yet to reveal further details.

‘We’re in the middle of a race. But what we do will be something that Gerard feels comfortable with. He had always contemplated difficult decisions. And we will be ready to take action against him as it coincides with the departure of an important person for Barcelona.’