Mikel Arteta is frightened, Pique juniors announces retirement from the industry.

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Arsenal head coach Mikel Arteta has admitted to announcing Gerard Pique’s retirement from Barcelona during the weekend’s game against Almeria surprised him why so suddenly. Because it is believed to be world-class

At the age of 35 the Pique tweeted through his personal account yesterday. that he would end his professional role just to focus on new interests. New chapter of life which will end in front of Gule disciples in Spotify Camp Nou.  

Of course, as a senior at the La Masia Academy. A few generations ago. UFABET We couldn’t help but be stunned because Mikel Arteta looked at the quality in the Spanish defensive back. Still able to carry his body for many more years.  

” I just found out ( Pique retired ) – if I’m not mistaken. It’s you journalists who reported it to me. ” Opening mouth after the Europa League game as the group stage defeated FC Zurich 1-0  .

“ He had an amazing career path, character and personality were excellent. ”

“ Create many outstanding works for the football industry … From now on, everyone must think of Pique because he personally views him as a world – class player. ”  

Pique has been plagued with injuries. including family problems And must take care of the sports activities that you are a promoter. Resulting in playing 5 out of 9 real games this season, the last 90 minutes helped the team beat Viktoria Plzen 4-2 on Tuesday.