Reiss Nelson say Arteta to send him to compete more often.

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Arsenal winger Reiss Nelson has asked head coach Mikel Arteta for more playing time. After recording an assist in the Champions League draw with PSV 1-1 today. Because they believe in their own potential that they can still benefit the team more than that.

At Philips Stadium, Nelson dribbled past his opponent 5 times. Won one-on-one duels 12 times and won the ball back 8 times. 

Benefits from both offense and defense that. He has the 24-year-old star wants to receive more playing time than just 474 minutes. Including all competitions so far ทางเข้า UFABET 

“I think I did a good job. Play with a smile on your face.” Opening your mouth on ‘Arsenal TV’

“That is the backbone for me. I think I can show quality in various areas.”

“I really enjoyed myself in midfield, cutting into the middle and linking up with Eddie Nketiah, it was a good goal.” 

“Then the overall picture of the team I think that just on the face of it, it doesn’t make much sense because we haven’t played together for this team for a long time. Many of my friends also deserted the field for a long time.”

“Cedric Soares, Mohamed Elneny, etc., but they are considered to have performed satisfactorily. Good enough to collect points.”

“Personally, I haven’t played in the first line-up for a long time. Especially the Champions League stage, it’s beautiful, it’s an impressive competition to play. And then I stayed away from it for a while.”

“So I can still protect myself from injuries. The first intention since the season opened You can continue to play freely with a smile on your face. It is guaranteed that there will be good work like this again.” 

Reiss Nelson has played just 13 matches in all competitions this season for Arsenal, scoring one goal and two assists.