The maker of the new name Joao Felix and Manchester United complains about little choice.

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Atletico Madrid striker Joao Felix has once again become a subject of connection with Manchester United. When the agency wants to sell at a historic high price to support the organization’s liquidity. Corresponds to the interview with Erik Ten Hag. The boss of the party who wants more offensive lines.

Reports from ‘ Cadena Ser ‘ that the impact of ‘ Roji Blancos ‘ from the Champions League 2022-23 group stage has many dimensions. Especially financially due to the expectation of income from the competition. The European champions came to support the organization in the second half of the season UFABET.

It also affects the January 2023 market reinforcement plan. Which wants to solve the problem of loose defensive games. Conceding an average of 1 goal – per – match in Spanish La Liga. And increasing it to an average of 1.5 goals/match on the champions League.  

The positions that the team wants are centre-back, right-back and versatile midfielder. If you want to take a long-term quality model. You have to pay 100 million euros.  

The only way to get that money is to convert the asset into capital. And Joao Felix the Portuguese star has the highest market value. Both have been linked to the ‘ Red Devils ‘ since the summer .  

Until recently Ten Hag said after the match , beating Real Sociedad 1-0. Finishing the group stage of the Europa League. That if there were more options in front of the front. They would have scored a decisive victory and won the group.  

Ten Hag told BT Sport .

“ We need to have options up front. The team is having problems in that unit. ” 

“ Anthony Martial is not ready , Anthony is not , Jadon Sancho is not. But still happy with the performance. Hope to be able to maintain this growth process. ” 

“ The boys are still creating dangerous moments , scoring goals , defensively stable. So if we can maintain that standard. We are satisfied. ” 

Felix is ​​a member of Jorge Mendes’ Gestifoot agent network, rated at no less than € 115m ( around £ 100m )