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Laporta reveals Gerard Pique farewell ceremony.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta will hold a farewell ceremony for Gerard Pique. After the 35-year-old announced he would play his last game against Almeria on Saturday. Barcelona president Joan Laporta spoke to Barca TV about Gerard Pique’s surprise retirement announcement on Thursday. that the Azulgra team

Sic Bo type.

Sic Bo type is a gambling game that has been played since the past. And is a game that players are well known and familiar with as well. Because the Sic Bo game is a game that has an easy way to play and can be difficult to

Sic Bo games, which bet is the best?

High and low bets or Sic Bo games. The high and low format is a betting style that is very suitable for new gamblers. Because it’s a simple form of betting. And able to win the bet is not difficult as well with the method of betting. Predict whether

Live Sic Bo.

Advantages of Live Sic Bo. Playing live casinos is better than you think. Because you will get the advantages of betting on live Sic Bo games as follows : Has a high payout rate It is considered a bet on the Live Sic Bo game. That will

Online Sic Bo rules in general.

It can be said that shaking the dice is well known. But not everyone knows about Sic bo. We need to know Sic Bo rules to be able to win easily. Even saying that game players shouldn’t find it difficult to be discouraged. Playing Sic Bo online is like